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Cleaner & Descaler

Cleaner & Descaler
Cleaner & Descaler
Cleaner & Descaler
Cleaner & Descaler
Cleaner & Descaler

The Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler has been specially developed for the hygienically cleaning and effectively decalcifying humidifiers. The Swiss original against limescale is easy to use, gentle on materials, odorless and quick and effective. The product is biodegradable. Contents: 500 ml.

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Developed for cleaning Easy to use; Fast & effective; Gentle on surfaces; Odourless;


We recommend regular use to improve hygiene and extend the life of your appliance. After use, your appliance is hygienically clean and immediately ready to use again. The Cleaner & Descaler from Durgol® can also be used to descale other household appliances, with the exception of coffee machines and food steamers.

Pour Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler into the water tray. The mixing ratio should be 50:50.

Add water up to the maximum mark. If the solution no longer foams, but lime is still visible, please add more Stadler Form Cleaner & Descaler

Leave for max. 30 minutes (or according to the cleaning mode).

Rinse thoroughly with tap water after cleaning and decalcification.



Stadler Form’s Cleaner & Descaler was developed through collaboration with Swiss company Düring AG. An intensive period of development and various tests have resulted in the creation of an ideal cleaning and descaling product for air humidifiers which will be sold exclusively under the Stadler Form brand. The development objective was to create a product which combined both hygienic cleaning and thorough descaling to extend the service life of the air humidifier and guarantee optimum hygiene.

Düring AG sells its successful descaling products under the well-known Durgol® brand. The initial business idea for Durgol came from the grandmother of the current owners of the company, Maria Düring-Keller. She developed the highly effective Durgol descaler for ridding sanitary appliances of stubborn limescale and also marketed it personally to potential customers. In 1968, her son developed Durgol further, making it suitable for descaling metal objects too. Today, the product is known as durgol express® and is the market leader in Switzerland and Austria


The product contains inorganic acid, < 5% nonionic surfactans, protective and auxiliary substances.



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