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Vestienas street 2, Riga, Latvia
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+ 371 67 141 035 / [email protected]
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Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00
Saturday, Sunday - closed
Company details
Item No: 40003465924
VAT #: LV40003465924
Jur. address: Riga, Auduma str. 33-50, LV-1024
Fact. address: Riga, Vestienas str. 2, LV-1035
Bank: SWEDBANK / Account: LV39HABA0551021896289

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Our Location
Reģ nr.: 40003465924
PVN nr.: LV40003465924
Jur. adrese: Rīga, Auduma iela 33-50, LV-1024
Fakt. adrese: Rīga, Vestienas iela 2, LV-1035
SWED banka konta nr : LV39HABA0551021896289
SEB banka konta nr : LV06UNLA005500238900

+371 67141035

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