```liquid 8052467728679 Albert Where humid rooms are a nightmare, the dehumidifier Albert feels right at home! On the ground floor or in the basement, in the house by the water or even in the laundry, Albert is an efficient dehumidifier. The swing function of the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution. The dehumidifier Albert avoids efficiently mold in any room.  59900 products/Albert_1.png products/Albert_9.png products/Albert_2.png products/Albert_3.png products/Albert_4.png products/Albert_5.png products/Albert_6.png products/Albert_7.png products/Albert_8.png products/Albert_10.png products/Albert_11.png products/Albert_12.png products/Albert_13.png products/Albert_14.png products/Albert_15.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/albert 8013961101607 Anna The fan heater Anna raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels. The clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating and automatic shut-off. 7500 products/Anna_1.png products/Anna_8.png products/Anna_2.png products/Anna_3.png products/Anna_4.png products/Anna_5.png products/Anna_6.png products/Anna_7.png products/Anna_9.png products/Anna_10.png products/Anna_11.png products/Anna_12.png products/Anna_13.png products/Anna_14.png products/Anna_15.png products/Anna_16.png products/Anna_17.png products/Anna_18.png products/anna_stadler.jpg https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/anna 8034223391015 Anna big The hot heater Anna big combines good looks with unique Adaptive Heat™ technology. With auto mode and a digital thermostat, she quickly and efficiently reaches and maintains the desired room temperature. The eight power levels can be selected simply by tapping on the touch panel. And because Anna big is also big on safety, she has an integrated tilt protection (automatic shut-off) and a modern PTC ceramic heating element (no overheating). Anna big can even be used in the summer: with the heating element switched off, she sends a cool breeze through. Anna big is the intelligent heater for use all through the year. 11900 products/Annabig_1.png products/Annabig_5.png products/Annabig_2.png products/Annabig_3.png products/Annabig_4.png products/Annabig_6.png products/Annabig_7.png products/Annabig_8.png products/Annabig_9.png products/Annabig_10.png products/Annabig_11.png products/Annabig_12.png products/Annabig_13.png products/Annabig_14.png products/Annabig_15.png products/Annabig_16.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/anna-big 8034232369447 Anna little If warmth is needed in certain places or in a small space (e.g. under the desk), the fan heater Anna little is also „hot“ enough, like her bigger sister Anna. Anna little raises the temperature! Not just because of her hot looks, but mainly because this wonderful little heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna little heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels. 5500 products/Annalittle_11.png products/Annalittle_4.png products/Annalittle_1.png products/Annalittle_3.png products/Annalittle_5.png products/Annalittle_6.png products/Annalittle_7.png products/Annalittle_8.png products/Annalittle_9.png products/Annalittle_10.png products/Annalittle_12.png products/Annalittle_13.png products/Annalittle_14.png products/Annalittle_15.png products/Annalittle_16.png products/Annalittle_17.png products/Annalittle_18.png products/Annalittle_19.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/anna-little 8075543806247 Anticalc cartridge Say goodbye to the irritating white dust produced by ultrasonic systems. The anticalc cartridge makes hard water soft and thus reduces the undesirable emission of calcium particles into the surroundings. The anticalc cartridge is effective for one to three months depending on the water hardness. Suitable for Stadler Form air washers and ultrasonic nebulisers. 1900 products/Anticalccartridge.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/anticalc-cartridge 8036812914983 Anton
A little chap with a great performance – that’s Anton! Although you would scarcely notice him thanks to his small dimensions, room sizes of up to 25 m2 (63 m3) are a breeze for him. As an ultrasonic humidifier in highly resistant material, Anton can even distribute your favourite fragrance to perfection in the room. To ensure that Anton leaves no traces behind even with high mineral content of the water, he can optionally be equipped with an Anticalc Cartridge. The Water Cube™ ensures hygienic humidification. His simple operating buttons are concealed on the underside. Another elegant touch is provided by the LED water level indicator which turns red when the tank is empty.
9900 products/Anton_1.png products/Anton_10.png products/Anton_2.png products/Anton_3.png products/Anton_4.png products/Anton_5.png products/Anton_6.png products/Anton_7.png products/Anton_8.png products/Anton_9.png products/Anton_11.png products/Anton_12.png products/Anton_13.png products/Anton_14.png products/Anton_15.png products/Anton_16.png products/Anton_17.png products/Anton_18.png products/Anton_19.png products/Anton_20.png products/Anton_21.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/anton
8036848173351 Ben Sit back, take a deep breath and relax. A cosy evening by the open fire is a cinch with Ben‘s 3-in-1 features. He humidifies and scents the air in the room, whilst bathing it in the amber light of the fireplace effect. Ben is an air humidifier, aroma diffuser and fireplace effect in one. The essential oils are added directly to the water, ensuring intensive fragrancing. Ben produces an extra-fine mist that is ideally distributed around the room, whilst the Amber Light™ creates a remarkably realistic flame effect that is totally safe and soot free. The strength can be adjusted smoothly from gently flickering flames with a subtle fragrance, to a blazing fire. The removable water tank can be refilled during operation. The illuminated water level indicator and the flame effect can be dimmed or switched off completely to prevent your well-deserved moments of relaxation from being disturbed. Ben will transform any room into a cosy oasis of calm. 10900 products/Ben_1.png products/Ben_10.png products/Ben_2.png products/Ben_11.png products/Ben_3.png products/Ben_4.png products/Ben_5.png products/Ben_6.png products/Ben_7.png products/Ben_8.png products/Ben_12.png products/Ben_14.png products/Ben_13.png products/Ben_17.png products/Ben_19.png products/Ben_20.png products/Ben_15.png products/Ben_16.png products/Ben_18.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/ben 8034324939047 Charly little
The fan Charly has already achieved cult status. The exceptional wind machine is now equipped with oscillation. The ventilator Charly thereby distributes the cool air steadily in the room. With a design resembling a jet aircraft turbine and an air-moving performance to match: three aluminium blades allow this fan to shift up to 3300 m³ of air an hour. But thanks to his rounded, die-cast zinc base, Charly remains firmly anchored on the ground, while it is still adjustable.
14900 products/Charlylittle_1.png products/Charlylittle_9.png products/Charlylittle_2.png products/Charlylittle_3.png products/Charlylittle_4.png products/Charlylittle_5.png products/Charlylittle_6.png products/Charlylittle_7.png products/Charlylittle_8.png products/Charlylittle_10.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/charly-little
8034327888167 Charly stand
The fan Charly has already achieved cult status. The exceptional wind machine is equipped with oscillation. Charly thereby distributes the cool air steadily in the room. With a design resembling a jet aircraft turbine and an air-moving performance to match: three aluminium blades allow this fan to shift up to 6000 m³ of air an hour. But thanks to his rounded, die-cast zinc base, the ventilator Charly remains firmly anchored on the ground, while it is still adjustable in inclination and height.
18900 products/Charlystand_1.png products/Charlystand_5.png products/Charlystand_2.png products/Charlystand_3.png products/Charlystand_4.png products/Charlystand_6.png products/Charlystand_7.png products/Charlystand_8.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/charly-stand
8036885233959 Emma Emma is the ideal solution for dry air: your personal humidifier lady ensures optimal air humidity. Equipped with a USB cable for mobile use and an adapter for home use, Emma will be your constant companion. She loves to travel, so make sure she is packed in your travel luggage. Therefore, Emma has been designed to be light and compact: her housing can be stored in the bottle to save space. Packed in the convenient travel bag supplied, she’s always with you. Two different settings allow you to adapt the humidifier performance to your needs. This handy air humidifier is ideal for the bedroom; you’ll hardly notice she is there. Emma is very quiet at the lower level and her LEDs can be dimmed or switched off completely as required. 5900 products/Emma_1.png products/Emma_2.png products/Emma_3.png products/Emma_4.png products/Emma_5.png products/Emma_6.png products/Emma_7.png products/Emma_8.png products/Emma_9.png products/Emma_10.png products/Emma_11.png products/Emma_12.png products/Emma_13.png products/Emma_14.png products/Emma_15.png products/Emma_16.png products/Emma_17.png products/Emma_18.png products/Emma_19.png products/Emma_20.png products/Emma_21.png products/Emma_22.png products/Emma_23.png products/Emma_24.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/emma 8075445960999 Essential oil Recharge Essential oil Recharge has an invigorating and calming effect on the body at the same time – has a woody, tart scent like the Siberian fir. Pure essential oil with the blend Recharge from Stadler Form creates a pleasant interior fragrance. It is manufactured from high-quality plant essences in Switzerland and hand-bottled by the TRANSfair Foundation. The oil originates from ecologically sustainable production, is not tested on animals and contains no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. 800 products/EssentialoilRecharge1.png products/EssentialoilRecharge5.png products/EssentialoilRecharge2.png products/EssentialoilRecharge3.png products/EssentialoilRecharge4.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/essential-oil-recharge 8075435966759 Essential oil Refresh Essential oil Refresh invigorates the senses and creates a positive mood. The 100% pure essential oil blend Refresh has a pleasantly refreshing citrus scent and is manufactured from high-quality plant essences in Switzerland. The essential oils originate from ecologically sustainable production, are not tested on animals and contain no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. Each bottle of the essential oil Refresh has been filled by hand by the TRANSfair Foundation. 800 products/EssentialoilRefresh_1.png products/EssentialoilRefresh_5.png products/EssentialoilRefresh_2.png products/EssentialoilRefresh_3.png products/EssentialoilRefresh_4.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/essential-oil-refresh 8075446714663 Essential oil Relax Pure essential oil with the blend Relax releases tension and has a calming effect. It has a pleasant smell of lavender, wood and a light citrus note. Manufactured from high-quality plant essences by fragrance specialists in Switzerland, the blend of essential oils is hand-bottled by the TRANSfair Foundation. The pleasant interior fragrance originates from ecologically sustainable production, with no testing on animals and contains no synthetic substances, pesticides, or parabens.
800 products/EssentialoilRelax_1.png products/EssentialoilRelax_5.png products/EssentialoilRelax_2.png products/EssentialoilRelax_3.png products/EssentialoilRelax_4.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/essential-oil-relax
8075447107879 Essential oil Relief Essential oil Relief alleviates cold symptoms and has a strengthening effect. Pure essential oil with the blend Relief creates a pleasant interior fragrance which smells of eucalyptus and has a light, warming woody note. The aromatic oil is manufactured from high-quality plant essences in Switzerland and contains no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. The oil is hand-bottled by the TRANSfair Foundation. All the oils in the blend Relief originate from ecologically sustainable production and are not tested on animals. 800 products/EssentialoilRelief_1.png products/EssentialoilRelief_5.png products/EssentialoilRelief_2.png products/EssentialoilRelief_3.png products/EssentialoilRelief_4.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/essential-oil-relief 8075447468327 Essential oil Revive Revive brings freshness and has a warming effect. Pure essential oil with the blend Revive creates a pleasant interior fragrance – it smells pleasantly of pine and slightly tart. The essential oils are manufactured from high-quality plant essences by fragrance specialists in Switzerland and hand-bottled by the TRANSfair Foundation. The oils originate from ecologically sustainable production, are not tested on animals and contain no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens. 800 products/EssentialoilRevive_1.png products/EssentialoilRevive_5.png products/EssentialoilRevive_2.png products/EssentialoilRevive_3.png products/EssentialoilRevive_4.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/essential-oil-revive 8036920754471 Eva As a power-woman, Eva blows the mist high up in the air using ultrasonic technology and provides for precise humidification with an external sensor. At the same time, the sensor serves as a remote control so that also the handling of the humidifier Eva by Stadler Form is very convenient. Despite the power, she is a sensitive lady – thanks to the Adaptive Humidity™ technology in auto mode, she automatically adjusts the output level to reach and maintain the desired humidity quietly and efficiently. The selectable water pre-heating not only increases the humidification output, but also emits a comfortable warm mist. Eva is also very flexible and offers the choice of five output levels and selectable humidity from 30 % – 75 %. In addition to LEDs that can be dimmed and switched off, Eva now has Wi-Fi from 2021: monitor air quality in real time and control all the device’s functions, simply from an app on your smartphone. And to ensure your well-being is perfect, Eva distributes a scent of your choice! 16000 products/Eva_1.png products/Eva_10.png products/Eva_2.png products/Eva_3.png products/Eva_4.png products/Eva_5.png products/Eva_9.png products/Eva_6.png products/Eva_7.png products/Eva_8.png products/Eva_11.png products/Eva_12.png products/Eva_13.png products/Eva_14.png products/Eva_15.png products/Eva_16.png products/Eva_17.png products/Eva_18.png products/Eva_19.png products/Eva_20.png products/Eva_21.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/eva 8037578146087 Eva little Despite her delicate stature, Eva little is very powerful. With a footprint of just two bars of chocolate, the little one disperses 320 ml of moisture into the air. Eva little uses ultrasound technology to generate a visible mist that quickly increases the room's air humidity. The integrated hygrostat measures air humidity and adjusts it to the set value. Excessive humidification is therefore not a worry. The intelligent little air humidifier automatically, quietly, and efficiently achieves the target air humidity using adaptive humidification. Essential oils for aromatherapy can be used in the compartment designed specifically for this purpose. Eva little is rounded off with an anti-limescale cartridge and the cube for fresh water. 12000 products/Evalittle_1.png products/Evalittle_7.png products/Evalittle_2.png products/Evalittle_3.png products/Evalittle_4.png products/Evalittle_5.png products/Evalittle_6.png products/Evalittle_8.png products/Evalittle_9.png products/Evalittle_10.png products/Evalittle_11.png products/Evalittle_12.png products/Evalittle_13.png products/Evalittle_14.png products/Evalittle_15.png products/Evalittle_16.png products/Evalittle_17.png products/Evalittle_18.png products/Evalittle_19.png products/Evalittle_20.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/eva-little 8075449139495 Fragrance Globe Black Orchid Black Orchid has an oriental floral fragrance of delicate orchid and sandalwood with a light woody note. The fragrance globe continuously disperses the fragrance for around 4 weeks – aroma intensity 1 out of 3. Made from bonded fragrance pearls enriched with generous quantities of fragrance – the Black Orchid fragrance globe is suited to fragrancing rooms using Lina, Nina and Tina. 500 products/FragranceGlobeBlackorchid.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-black-orchid 8075450581287 Fragrance Globe Blue Rosewood Blue Rosewood has a fresh aromatic fragrance of warm rosewood, patchouli and lavender with an oriental floral note. The unique fragrance globe is composed of fused fragrance pearls, lavishly enriched with fragrance. When used continuously, the fragrance globe releases its fragrance for up to 4 weeks with medium aroma intensity. The Blue Rosewood fragrance globe is suitable for diffusing ambient air using Lina, Nina and Tina. 500 products/FragranceGlobeBluerosewood.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-blue-rosewood 8075451564327 Fragrance Globe Orange Bergamot Orange Bergamot has a refreshing scent of Sicilian bergamot and freshly peeled orange with a floral note. Consisting of richly scented, fused fragrance pearls, Orange Bergamot is designed for room fragrancing using Lina, Tina and Nina. Ambient air flows through the fragrance globe and distributes the scent around the room for up to 4 weeks – with an aroma intensity of 3 out of 3. 500 products/FragranceGlobeOrangebergamot.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-orange-bergamot 8075452973351 Fragrance Globe Red Jasmine Red Jasmine has a floral scent of jasmine, magnolia and rose petals with a woody caramel note. The fragrance globe is made of bonded fragrance pearls enriched with lots of aroma. The Red Jasmine fragrance globe – aroma intensity 1 out of 3 – will ensure your room smells of flowers for at least 4 weeks. It is suitable for use with Stadler Form aroma diffusers Lina, Nina and Tina. 500 products/FragranceGlobeRedjasmine.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-red-jasmine 8075454742823 Fragrance Globe White Amber White Amber has a delicious fragrance of rich amber and patchouli with a sweet woody note. The unique fragrance globe is made of richly scented, bonded pearls – aroma intensity 2 out of 3. Ambient air flows through the fragrance globe and continuously distributes the scent for up to 4 weeks. The White Amber fragrance globe is suitable for easy room fragrancing using Lina, Nina and Tina. 500 products/FragranceGlobeWhiteamber.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-white-amber 8075452317991 Fragrance Globe Yellow Vanilla Yellow Vanilla has a sensual scent of vanilla and caramel with a sweet aromatic note. The unique fragrance globe consists of fused fragrance pearls that are very generously scented. When running continuously, fragrance is diffused for up to 4 weeks – aroma intensity 3 out of 3. The Yellow Vanilla fragrance globe is suitable for diffusing ambient air using Lina, Nina and Tina. 500 products/FragranceGlobeYellowvanilla.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/fragrance-globe-yellow-vanilla 8075416109351 George Air washer George is easy to look after, quiet and powerful. He provides healthy humidity and clean air at the same time. His discs rotate in water and filter the smallest particles from the air – a blessing for any allergy sufferer. Both the disc pack and the water base are easy to clean in the dishwasher. George’s impressive features include an integrated hygrostat for precision setting of target humidity, automatic mode, dimmable LEDs and the ability to fill your room with fragrance. 24900 products/George_1.png products/George_10.png products/George_2.png products/George_3.png products/George_4.png products/George_5.png products/George_6.png products/George_7.png products/George_8.png products/George_9.png products/George_11.png products/George_12.png products/George_13.png products/George_14.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/george 8034181611815 Jasmine A noticeably subtle fragrance but still a discreet appearance – that’s the aroma diffuser Jasmine. Like a simple bowl she gently releases your favourite fragrance. Using ultrasonic technology, she transforms the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist. The aroma diffuser Jasmine creates rooms to feel good in. 4000 products/Jasmine_1.png products/Jasmine_6.png products/Jasmine_2.png products/Jasmine_3.png products/Jasmine_4.png products/Jasmine_5.png products/Jasmine_7.png products/Jasmine_8.png products/Jasmine_9.png products/Jasmine_10.png products/Jasmine_11.png products/Jasmine_12.png products/Jasmine_13.png products/Jasmine_14.png products/Jasmine_15.png products/Jasmine_16.png products/Jasmine_17.png products/Jasmine_18.png products/Jasmine_19.png products/Jasmine_20.png products/Jasmine_21.png products/Jasmine_22.png products/Jasmine_23.png products/Jasmine_24.png products/Jasmine_25.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/jasmine 8034172010791 Julia In swing mode, the aroma diffuser Julia by Stadler Form spreads scents and essential oils optimally in the room by means of ultrasonic technology. Impressively illuminated, the gentle plume of mist swings 160° from left to right – between 18 (continuous operation) and up to 54 hours in interval mode. When using the interval mode, Julia works for 10 minutes and then takes a 20 minute break. In order for the lighting not to interfere with a night's sleep, the LEDs can be dimmed or completely switched off. Julia likes the essential oils from her own family the best, but all commercially available, alcohol-free fragrances will work as well. 6000 products/Julia_15.png products/Julia_18.png products/Julia_12.png products/Julia_8.png products/Julia_16.png products/Julia_9.png products/Julia_14.png products/Julia_11.png products/Julia_17.png products/Julia_10.png products/Julia_24.png products/Julia_13.png products/Julia_3.png products/Julia_4.png products/Julia_5.png products/Julia_6.png products/Julia_7.png products/Julia_1.png products/Julia_2.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/julia 8013960413479 Karl
Powerful yet quiet! Karl is the first of a new generation of efficient humidifiers. Despite his low power consumption, the compact evaporator can humidify large rooms in no time at all. In auto mode, Karl selects the appropriate level of humidification independently so that the desired result can be achieved quickly and economically. And before the water runs out, the water container can be filled from above during operation via a lift-up flap. All humidifier Karl’s functions – including monitoring the current level of humidity – can be conveniently controlled on the device itself or via an app on your smartphone. So, an optimum indoor climate is guaranteed – even when you are out and about. And for undisturbed sleep, Karl’s LED function lights can be dimmed or switched off altogether.
24900 products/Karl_1.png products/Karl_8.png products/Karl_2.png products/Karl_3.png products/Karl_4.png products/Karl_5.png products/Karl_6.png products/Karl_7.png products/Karl_9.png products/Karl_10.png products/Karl_11.png products/Karl_12.png products/Karl_13.png products/Karl_14.png products/Karl_15.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/karl
8037613797671 Karl big Despite his low power consumption, when humidifier Karl big gets going, he can humidify rooms of up to 150 m2 in no time at all. Whether it is a large office or a spacious bedroom or lounge, the evaporator can provide any big space with healthy and pleasant humidity. In auto mode, Karl big adjusts his performance independently to achieve the desired level of humidity within a range of 40–55%. The efficient evaporator has an impressive 11-litre water container that can be filled via a lift-up flap on the top of the device. And when the water container is empty, Karl big will switch off automatically. Because he is equipped with WiFi, all Karl big’s functions can be controlled via an app on your smartphone and you can also check the level of humidity at any time, even when you are out and about. And for undisturbed sleep, humidifier Karl big’s LED function lights can be dimmed or switched off altogether. 37900 products/Karlbig_1.png products/Karlbig_10.png products/Karlbig_2.png products/Karlbig_3.png products/Karlbig_4.png products/Karlbig_5.png products/Karlbig_6.png products/Karlbig_7.png products/Karlbig_8.png products/Karlbig_9.png products/Karlbig_11.png products/Karlbig_12.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/karl-big 8034333524263 Leo Do you want to create a comfortable refreshing climate? Then Leo is the ideal choice. With his innovative 3D oscillation mode, he can provide optimum air distribution in an instant. Leo can also circulate the air flow in a room both vertically (from -5° to 85°) and horizontally and has a range of 8 meters so that everyone in the room can experience a cool breeze. The swing range of the 3D air circulator from left to right can be adjusted to suit your needs and you have 3 angles to choose from, 60°, 90° or 180°. Leo can be set up on the floor or on a table, he is also mobile, takes up very little space and has stunning good looks to boot. His practical carrying handle in synthetic leather means that he can be moved around quite easily and set up wherever he may be needed. From a really quiet, gentle breeze to strong gusts of wind: Leo has four refreshing speed settings to suit every need. He also has an impressive range of intelligent functions including a 1–7 hour timer, a natural breeze mode and a remote control that is magnetically attached to the side of the device. Leo is much more than just a fan: he is the ideal partner for creating a comfortable and pleasant indoor climate – both in summer and in winter 13500 products/Leo_1.png products/Leo_9.png products/Leo_2.png products/Leo_3.png products/Leo_4.png products/Leo_5.png products/Leo_6.png products/Leo_7.png products/Leo_8.png products/Leo_10.png products/Leo_11.png products/Leo_12.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/leo 8031780798759 Lina Simple and straightforward, Lina is the smallest aroma diffuser lady in the family and fragrances her surroundings without power or a cable. Perfect for a small bathroom or in a wardrobe, the unique fragrance globe system means neither water nor essential oils are required for fragrancing. Simply insert your choice of fragrance globe and screw open the cover until you achieve the desired intensity of aroma or, for an even stronger scent, remove it altogether. The specially shaped fragrance globes are fascinating: the richly fragranced, bonded pearls release a fresh scent for up to 4 weeks by means of the ambient air that flows through. Lina convinces as a fragrance diffuser for the smallest nooks. 1000 products/Lina_2.png products/Lina_8.png products/Lina_1.png products/Lina_3.png products/Lina_4.png products/Lina_5.png products/Lina_6.png products/Lina_7.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/lina 8007704903975 Lucy
Aroma diffuser Lucy diffuses your favourite aroma – without noise or soot – in deceptively realistic candlelight. Her Amber LightTM bathes the room in gentle candlelight to create a magical feeling of well-being. There is nothing to stop your candlelight dinner or a cosy evening in with a cup of tea. Lucy uses ultrasound technology to diffuse fragrances and essential oils around the room in the form of a fine mist and, when her water container is empty, she switches off automatically. The aroma diffuser lady is perfect for bedrooms. If you would prefer the scent without the light, the Amber LightTM can be dimmed or switched off completely. With a battery life of up to 7 hours and a USB cable for mobile use, the mobile aroma diffuser lady is your loyal companion to accompany you on holiday or in a hotel. She creates a beautifully fragranced, cosy mood for you to relax in, wherever you are.
3900 products/Lucy_12.png products/Lucy_19.png products/Lucy_13.png products/Lucy_17.png products/Lucy_18.png products/Lucy_8.png products/Lucy_9.png products/Lucy_10.png products/Lucy_15.png products/Lucy_16.png products/Lucy_1.png products/Lucy_4.png products/Lucy_5.png products/Lucy_6.png products/Lucy_7.png files/stadler-form-lucy-aroma-diffuser.png files/stadler-form-aroma-diffuser-mia3.png files/stadler-form-lucy-aroma-diffuser1.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/lucy
8034137243943 Mia Want a pleasant scent in the air? This is where Mia comes into play, the little, elegant aroma diffuser by Stadler Form! Using ultrasonic technology, she optimally distributes scents and essential oils through extra fine mist. With a full water container, she fills the room with a pleasant scent for up to ten hours. Thanks to the extremely low-noise operation and the subtle LED display reflecting on the surface in front of her, Mia is quiet and discreet. An optimum effect can be achieved by using the 100 % natural essential oils from Stadler Form. 3000 products/Mia_1.png products/Mia_6.png products/Mia_2.png products/Mia_3.png products/Mia_4.png products/Mia_5.png products/Mia_7.png products/Mia_8.png products/Mia_9.png products/Mia_10.png products/Mia_11.png products/Mia_12.png products/Mia_13.png products/Mia_14.png products/Mia_15.png products/Mia_16.png products/Mia_17.png products/Mia_18.png products/Mia_19.png products/Mia_20.png products/Mia_21.png products/Mia_22.png products/Mia_23.png files/stadler-form-mia-aroma-diffuser3.png files/stadler-form-mia-aroma-diffuser4.png files/stadler-form-mia-aroma-diffuser3_b294827d-1ef4-47f5-9b8a-145e219d5f51.png files/stadler-form-mia-aroma-diffuser2.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/mia 8034115649831 Nina Aroma diffuser lady Nina generates enchantingly atmospheric light, creating an experience for nose and eyes. Simply insert your choice of fragrance globe, relax, and feel great. As a result of the subtle lighting, each fragrance globe creates a unique atmosphere and distributes its aroma around the room for up to 4 weeks. The 6 different varieties of fragrance globes are made of richly fragranced, bonded pearls. The innovative fragrance globe system means neither water nor essential oils are needed for fragrancing, and Nina is easy to transport, without emptying out liquid. It is easy to switch from a gentle to a more intense fragrance experience with Nina’s two settings. Nina is an impressive way to scent your bathroom, living room or bedroom – for up to 50 hours, without a cable. With a battery, USB cable and adapter, she is ideally equipped for mobile and stationary use at home. And the mood light can be dimmed or switched off for fragrant moments of peace. Nina is the perfect partner for an atmospheric aroma experience. 4000 products/Nina_1.png products/Nina_8.png products/Nina_2.png products/Nina_3.png products/Nina_4.png products/Nina_5.png products/Nina_6.png products/Nina_7.png products/Nina_9.png products/Nina_10.png products/Nina_11.png products/Nina_12.png products/Nina_13.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/nina 8759337779524 Nora

The exquisite aroma diffuser lady Nora enchants the senses: Nora scents the room with essential oils and her amber-coloured light provides a calming play of flames with cool mist. The light can be dimmed and switched off. Nora runs for up to 18 hours when plugged in. Thanks to the USB-C cable and her rechargeable battery, she can also be used on the move for up to 7 hours. Her black aluminium lid and the sustainable bamboo housing embellish any room. And thanks to splash water protection, Nora is also suitable for outdoors.

7900 files/stadler-form-nora-aroma-diffuserNORA2.png files/stadler-form-nora-aroma-diffuser-aromatudifuzorsNora.png files/stadler-form-nora-aroma-diffuser.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/nora
8037624217895 Oskar Optimally humidify the air with low energy consumption; humidifier Oskar is the one to call in! The economical evaporator provides exact humidification thanks to his hygrostat. Oskar automatically switches off when the tank is empty. Perfect for bedrooms – the humidifier Oskar is practically silent and offers dimmable LEDs. The memo function reminds you to replace the filter. In order to secure the very best of wellness, Oskar has a fragrance dispenser to distribute your choice of scent! 12900 products/Oscar_1.png products/Oscar_10.png products/Oscar_2.png products/Oscar_3.png products/Oscar_4.png products/Oscar_5.png products/Oscar_6.png products/Oscar_7.png products/Oscar_8.png products/Oscar_9.png products/Oscar_11.png products/Oscar_12.png products/Oscar_13.png products/Oscar_14.png products/Oscar_27.png products/Oscar_15.png products/Oscar_16.png products/Oscar_17.png products/Oscar_18.png products/Oscar_19.png products/Oscar_20.png products/Oscar_21.png products/Oscar_22.png products/Oscar_23.png products/Oscar_24.png products/Oscar_25.png products/Oscar_26.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/oskar-1 8075546722599 Oskar / Karl filter (2 pack) The humidifier filters ensure that the evaporator families Oskar and Karl optimally humidify the air. The humidifier filters are manufactured from plant and textile fibres. The antibacterial treatment keeps the material hygienic. The humidifier filters should be replaced every 2-3 months in order to maintain hygienic humidification and a high level of efficiency. 1900 products/Oskar_Karlfilter_2pack__1.png products/Oskar_Karlfilter_2pack__2.png products/Oskar_Karlfilter_2pack__3.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/oskar-karl-filter-2-pack 8075547574567 Oskar / Karl filter (4 pack) The humidifier filters ensure that the evaporator families Oskar and Karl optimally humidify the air. The humidifier filters are manufactured from plant and textile fibres. The antibacterial treatment keeps the material hygienic. The humidifier filters should be replaced every 2-3 months in order to maintain hygienic humidification and a high level of efficiency. 3400 products/Oskar_Karlfilter_4pack__1.png products/Oskar_Karlfilter_4pack__2.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/oskar-karl-filter-4-pack 8037654069543 Oskar big Thanks to its unique V4 filter technology, the powerful humidifier is the ideal choice for large rooms. With his 6-liter water tank and his humidification output of 700 g/h, the evaporator Oskar big is one of the largest in his class. The desired humidity level can easily be adjusted. The memo function reminds you to replace the filter and, thanks to the night mode, the evaporator works almost unnoticed. 19900 products/Oscarbig_1.png products/Oscarbig_6.png products/Oscarbig_2.png products/Oscarbig_3.png products/Oscarbig_4.png products/Oscarbig_5.png products/Oscarbig_7.png products/Oscarbig_8.png products/Oscarbig_9.png products/Oscarbig_10.png products/Oscarbig_11.png products/Oscarbig_12.png products/Oscarbig_13.png products/Oscarbig_14.png products/Oscarbig_15.png products/Oscarbig_16.png products/Oscarbig_17.png products/Oscarbig_18.png products/Oscarbig_19.png products/Oscarbig_20.png products/Oscarbig_21.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/oskar-big 8037822431527 Oskar little
Just like his big brothers, the humidifier Oskar little is also a thrifty consumer with great power. With his two power levels, this evaporative humidifier performs at his best in small rooms up to 30 m2. His eco-friendly filter made of plant and textile fibres truly distinguishes him as an economist. Thanks to his dimmable LEDs, extremely quiet manner and gentle distribution of essential oils, he makes a particularly healthy bedroom companion. And because he comes from the same family, he automatically switches off when his water tank is empty but can easily be refilled through the convenient filling opening.
9900 products/Oscarlittle_1.png products/Oscarlittle_7.png products/Oscarlittle_2.png products/Oscarlittle_3.png products/Oscarlittle_4.png products/Oscarlittle_5.png products/Oscarlittle_6.png products/Oscarlittle_8.png products/Oscarlittle_9.png products/Oscarlittle_10.png products/Oscarlittle_11.png products/Oscarlittle_12.png products/Oscarlittle_13.png products/Oscarlittle_14.png products/Oscarlittle_15.png products/Oscarlittle_16.png products/Oscarlittle_17.png products/Oscarlittle_18.png products/Oscarlittle_19.png products/Oscarlittle_20.png products/Oscarlittle_21.png products/Oscarlittle_22.png products/Oscarlittle_23.png products/Oscarlittle_24.png products/Oscarlittle_25.png products/Oscarlittle_26.png products/Oscarlittle_27.png products/Oscarlittle_28.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/oskar-little
8034338734375 Otto When heat builds up in summer, the slightest breath of wind is welcome: the fan Otto helps with a gentle breeze or generates a gale! Thanks to the adjustable industrial fan, the air circulation can be varied. The fan Otto is in tune with nature! The bamboo frame is made of ecologically sustainable production. The protective grille on the back can be removed for easy cleaning of the fan blades. 22500 products/Otto_1.png products/Otto_6.png products/Otto_2.png products/Otto_3.png products/Otto_4.png products/Otto_5.png products/Otto_7.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/otto 8034240299303 Paul
A powerful guy, this Paul the fan heater! But his unique Adaptive Heat™ technology makes him more sensitive than any other. In auto mode, he automatically adapts the heat output to maintain the desired degree of heat – no annoying on-off fluctuations; just soft maintenance of the temperature: gentle, quiet and dynamic (swing mode). You can precisely adjust the desired temperature using the easy-to-operate touch panel and, with the remote control, you can even adjust this from the comfort of the couch. The fan heater Paul does not shy away from moist environments either – thanks to his IP21 certification he is splash-proof and therefore suitable for use in the bathroom! His washable air filter makes him quite a clean guy and the perfect roommate.
23500 products/Paul_9.png products/Paul_19.png products/Paul_8.png products/Paul_6.png products/Paul_7.png products/Paul_10.png products/Paul_11.png products/Paul_1.png products/Paul_5.png products/Paul_3.png products/Paul_4.png products/Paul_12.png products/Paul_13.png products/Paul_14.png products/Paul_15.png products/Paul_16.png products/Paul_17.png products/Paul_18.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/paul
8034343125287 Peter He’s a real eye-catcher: with his stylish appearance and intelligent features, Peter leatherette makes a striking addition to any room. His cognac-coloured leatherette jacket fits in perfectly with any tasteful style of décor. With his slim design and swing mode, this tower fan takes up very little space and provides plenty of cool air which is also circulated optimally at the same time. The elegant fan has three speed settings so that you can choose the wind strength that suits your needs. And with natural breeze mode, you can give the pleasant cooling effect an extra boost. His range of functions can be controlled by means of a convenient remote control or by gently pressing the touch panel. Extremely practical: the 1-7 hour timer for automatic shut-off. A washable filter provides the fan with reliable protection against dust particles. The elegant Peter leatherette creates a pleasant fresh room atmosphere while skilfully combining function and aesthetics. 22900 products/Peter_1.png products/Peter_11.png products/Peter_2.png products/Peter_3.png products/Peter_4.png products/Peter_5.png products/Peter_6.png products/Peter_7.png products/Peter_8.png products/Peter_9.png products/Peter_10.png products/Peter_12.png products/Peter_13.png products/Peter_14.png products/Peter_15.png products/Peter_16.png products/Peter_17.png products/Peter_18.png products/Peter_19.png products/Peter_20.png products/Peter_21.png products/Peter_22.png products/Peter_23.png products/Peter_24.png products/Peter_25.png products/Peter_26.png files/PETER.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/peter 8034352890151 Peter little Unobtrusive and dynamic, table fan Peter little can provide a cool breeze wherever it is needed. Peter little has a swing mode, ensuring optimal distribution of cool air. In Natural Breeze mode, he simulates natural wind conditions and switches automatically between the 4 speed levels, creating an atmosphere guaranteed to be pleasantly refreshing! Alternatively, you can choose a level ranging from gentle breeze to strong wind using the touch panel. With his slim stature, Peter little takes up very little space and is ideal even when there is a limited area available. The washable air inlet filter provides reliable protection against dust particles. Peter little is the ideal companion for your bedroom, on your office desk or next to your sofa. 8400 products/Peterlittle_1.png products/Peterlittle_10.png products/Peterlittle_2.png products/Peterlittle_3.png products/Peterlittle_4.png products/Peterlittle_5.png products/Peterlittle_6.png products/Peterlittle_7.png products/Peterlittle_8.png products/Peterlittle_9.png products/Peterlittle_11.png products/Peterlittle_12.png products/Peterlittle_13.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/peter-little 8075417321767 Robert Robert by Stadler Form humidifies and purifies the air and ensures a clean and pleasant room climate all year round. The powerful air washer evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water per day and is also suitable for large rooms. Robert efficiently filters up to 50% of all particles and pollen from the air* and is the ideal housemate for allergy sufferers. He also gets rid of more than 94% of smells within 30 minutes.** The touch display allows elegant and easy operation. 39900 products/Robert_11.png products/Robert_15.png products/Robert_12.png products/Robert_2.png products/Robert_3.png products/Robert_4.png products/Robert_5.png products/Robert_6.png products/Robert_7.png products/Robert_8.png products/Robert_9.png products/Robert_10.png products/Robert_13.png products/Robert_14.png products/Robert_16.png products/Robert_17.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/robert 8075384750375 Roger Roger air purifier measures the air quality and detects pollutants immediately. He purifies the air with his Dual Filter™, removing pollutants such as fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria as well as gases, unpleasant odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the same level of efficiency.  If the air quality deteriorates, the air quality indicator lets you know by changing colour and the purification performance is adjusted automatically in intelligent automatic mode. The mobile Roger air purifier has a textile pre-filter with hygiene function. And Roger’s impressive features include not only a timer and night mode but also WiFi: you can monitor the air quality in real time and control all his functions via an app on your smartphone! 30900 products/Roger_1.png products/Roger_11.png products/Roger_2.png products/Roger_3.png products/Roger_4.png products/Roger_5.png products/Roger_6.png products/Roger_7.png products/Roger_8.png products/Roger_9.png products/Roger_10.png products/Roger_12.png products/Roger_13.png products/Roger_14.png products/Roger_15.png products/Roger_16.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/roger 8075577000231 Roger & Roger big Dual Filter H14 The Dual Filter™ is a combination of an H14 HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. This adsorbs gases such as unpleasant odours, VOCs, tobacco smoke, etc. while the HEPA H14 filter part removes pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, fine dust and pollen from the air. The H14 HEPA filter has a greater density than the HEPA H12 filter, enabling more particles to be removed from the air per air change. The Dual Filter™ will need to be replaced every 8-12 months. Roger big requires 2 Dual Filters™. 7900 products/Roger_RogerbigDualFilterH14_2.png products/Roger_RogerbigDualFilterH14_1.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/roger-roger-big-dual-filter-h14 8075387765031 Roger big Air purifier Roger big provides clean air in conference rooms, open-plan offices and large spaces of up to 104 m2. The mobile indoor air purifier measures the air quality using his two sensors. So pollutants are detected immediately and removed by the Dual Filter™. If the air quality deteriorates, the air quality indicator changes colour. If the automatic mode is activated, the level of performance of the purifier is adjusted automatically. Roger big purifies the air efficiently with his two Dual Filters™. He removes particles such as fine dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria and viruses from the air as well as gases, unpleasant odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the same level of efficiency. Roger big’s impressive features include a timer, night mode, transportation wheels and WiFi – monitoring the air quality and controlling all his functions are carried out via an app. 46900 products/Rogerbig_1.png products/Rogerbig_10.png products/Rogerbig_2.png products/Rogerbig_3.png products/Rogerbig_4.png products/Rogerbig_5.png products/Rogerbig_6.png products/Rogerbig_7.png products/Rogerbig_8.png products/Rogerbig_9.png products/Rogerbig_11.png products/Rogerbig_12.png products/Rogerbig_13.png products/Rogerbig_14.png products/Rogerbig_15.png products/Rogerbig_16.png products/Rogerbig_17.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/roger-big 8075388354855 Roger little Roger little – the quiet, efficient air purifier for small rooms – filters pollutants such as fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria from the air. He measures the quality of the air continuously and detects gaseous pollutants such as unpleasant odours or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) immediately. If the air quality deteriorates, the air quality indicator changes colour. If the intelligent automatic mode is activated, mobile indoor air purifier Roger little adjusts his level of purification performance automatically to current requirements. Thanks to his timer and LED that can be switched off completely, with Roger little a good night’s sleep is guaranteed! 20900 products/Rogerlittle_11.png products/Rogerlittle_19.png products/Rogerlittle_1.png products/Rogerlittle_2.png products/Rogerlittle_3.png products/Rogerlittle_4.png products/Rogerlittle_5.png products/Rogerlittle_6.png products/Rogerlittle_7.png products/Rogerlittle_8.png products/Rogerlittle_9.png products/Rogerlittle_10.png products/Rogerlittle_12.png products/Rogerlittle_13.png products/Rogerlittle_14.png products/Rogerlittle_15.png products/Rogerlittle_16.png products/Rogerlittle_17.png products/Rogerlittle_18.png products/Rogerlittle_20.png products/Rogerlittle_21.png products/Rogerlittle_22.png products/Rogerlittle_23.png products/Rogerlittle_24.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/roger-little 8075578573095 Roger little Dual Filter H14 The Dual Filter™ is a combination of an H14 HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. This adsorbs gases such as unpleasant odours, VOCs, tobacco smoke, etc. while the HEPA H14 filter part removes pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, fine dust and pollen from the air. The H14 HEPA filter has a greater density than the HEPA H12 filter, enabling more particles to be removed from the air per air change. The Dual Filter™ will need to be replaced every 8-12 months. 6000 products/RogerlittleDualFilterH14_1.png products/RogerlittleDualFilterH14_2.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/roger-little-dual-filter-h14 8659286917444 Sam

Fan heater Sam provides cosy warmth on cool days. Thanks to his innovative Adaptive Heat™ technology, he can reach and maintain the desired comfortable temperature quickly while ensuring energy efficiency. Wi-Fi connectivity enables the heater to be controlled from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Sam is equipped with a PTC ceramic element and has four power settings. With his functions, Sam can be set according to your individual requirements and provide selective heat where it is needed.


13900 files/SAM-FRONT.png files/stadler-form-sam-heater-white-ho.png files/Diognale.png files/Sam-Stadler-Form-from-side-2.png files/stadler-form-sam-heater-white-li.png https://stadlerform.lv/en/products/sam