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Istabas izmērs 100m²
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Informacija apie produktą Karl

Powerful yet quiet! Karl is the first of a new generation of efficient humidifiers. Despite his low power consumption, the compact evaporator can humidify large rooms in no time at all. In auto mode, Karl selects the appropriate level of humidification independently so that the desired result can be achieved quickly and economically. And before the water runs out, the water container can be filled from above during operation via a lift-up flap. All humidifier Karl’s functions – including monitoring the current level of humidity – can be conveniently controlled on the device itself or via an app on your smartphone. So, an optimum indoor climate is guaranteed – even when you are out and about. And for undisturbed sleep, Karl’s LED function lights can be dimmed or switched off altogether.


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Karl Pardavimo kaina€259,00
Karl Pardavimo kaina€259,00
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