Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Limited Liability Company "Koroso", registration number: 40003465924, legal address: 33-50 Auduma Street, Riga, LV - 1024 (hereinafter - Koroso) has undertaken to protect the privacy of its customers.
Data processing at Koroso is only for specific purposes and is not stored for longer than is necessary. Koroso has the data it needs to provide the customer with the service it chooses in order to fulfill its obligations to its customers. Koroso processes customer data in one or more of the following cases:


  • it is necessary for the fulfillment of the order;
  • guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations;
  • customer service;
  • it is determined by law.

Customer's consent to data processing and right of withdrawal

The Client may give consent to the processing of personal data, the legal basis of which is consent, to the Koroso service on The Client has the right to withdraw consent for data processing at any time in the same way as it is given or by sending a notice to, in which case further data processing based on the previously given consent for the specific purpose will not be performed. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the data processing carried out while the customer's consent was in effect. Withdrawal of consent shall not result in an interruption of the processing of data which is carried out on the basis of law.

Communication with the customer

Koroso communicates with the customer using customer contact information such as name, email address, phone number.

Protection of personal data

Koroso takes all possible security measures (administrative, technical and physical) to protect the customer's personal data. Data processing and management rights are granted only to authorized persons. All customer data provided at the time of order placement shall be treated as confidential. To protect our clients' interests, we provide:

  • lawful processing of personal data only for the purpose and to the extent necessary for the said purpose;
  • accurate processing of personal data and the timely updating, correction and deletion of personal data.