Refreshes all around!


The economical evaporator!


Mobile fragrance with candlelight

Swiss Design

Stadler Form are designed in Switzerland, known for its precision and attention to detail.


High-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure our climate technologies are reliable and effective. Therefore we can safely offer a 2-year warranty.


Stadler Form use most advanced technology to effectively remove pollutants from the air, and ensure perfect air quality.


Offers a range technology to suit different needs and preferences, including options for different room sizes and design styles.

Let there be good AIR

Learn more about the heart and vision behind Stadler Form and our products, in the founding story.

To the founding story
If Oskar would suddenly stop working, we would buy him again in a heartbeat.


With Stadler Form's Oskar, you'll find that a humidifier can be so much more than an eyesore.

Sarah Rense


Design awards

We want to improve and enhance the world of air treatment. We therefore develop lovable household appliances with an outstanding design. Our products are easy and intuitive to use and ensure efficient power consumption. New product developments always emerge from a personal need. We want to create elegant and useful roommates that enhance our wellbeing.

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Why is it important to fight allergies?

Why is it important to fight allergies?

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Facts about the air we breathe

Facts about the air we breathe

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