Lets you take a deep breath!

Filters fine dust and odours from the air
Recommended for allergy sufferers
With washable particle filter
Room size 50m²
Sale price€299,00
Color: Black

Product information Viktor

The air purifier Viktor filters air that is polluted by fine dust, pollen, odours and germs with maximum effort and lets you take a deep breath of fresh air! The specially developed HPP Filter System™ purifies the room air most efficiently while the active carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odours. With five performance levels (quiet to powerful) and dimmable night-mode LED control lights, the air purifier Viktor never robs you of a good night’s sleep!


Technical data

Product family

Air purifier


Active carbon & HPP filter


Black, white

Accessories (included)

Viktor filter pack (Pre- and active carbon filter)

Room size m²



VIKTOR works!

I am very happy with Victor. Quiet and efficient. Many thanks and greetings from Zurich.


A superb air purifier! + effective (dust, allergens, odors) + nice design + silent

Made a huge difference!

Greetings from Helsinki, Finland I bought the Air Purifier Viktor for my recording studio. The studio was very dusty because of the studio equipment. The dust was pain to clean everyday. Viktor made a difference! It´s cool looking, silent, easy to use and i love the timer on it. I can set the timer for 8h and the next day i arrive to the studio AND THE AIR ISN`T FULL OF DUST!

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