Anticalc cartridge

for humidifiers and air washers

Prevents white dust in the case of ultrasonic systems
Makes hard water soft
Works for one to three months – depending on water hardness
Sale price€19,00

Product information Anticalc cartridge

Where humid rooms are a nightmare, the dehumidifier Albert feels right at home! On the ground floor or in the basement, in the house by the water or even in the laundry, Albert is an efficient dehumidifier. The swing function of the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution. The dehumidifier Albert avoids efficiently mold in any room.

Technical data

Product family

Aroma diffuser



Power consumption

10 W

Water tank capacity

50 ml


0.36 kg



I'm just loving Lucy, she adds a wonderful, scented, calming effect to the room...

Makes the entire room smell nice

My flat smells incredible. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone.

Fantastic product

Lucy is a really brilliant product. The price-performance ratio is great. The ambience that is created in this way is met with great enthusiasm by all employees. I have it on the desk in the office, currently with the Aroma Revive, which I can also highly recommend. Great job Stadler Form!

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